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Deactivating Windows Defender

Hello guys,

today I'll show you 2 ways to deactivate Windows Defender. Why? because it automatically turns itself on when you shutdown your AV and it's useless and annoying.
!!note you have to be admin on your computer for this to take effect!!

Way 1.

  • Deactivate your Antivirus
  • Open your regedit (Winkey+R-->"regedit.exe") http://prntscr.com/bkyd6f
  • You've opened your registry editor. Now follow this path ("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE"-->SOFTWARE-->Policies-->Microsoft) then click on Windows Defender
  • On the right you can see 1 entry. Create a new entry by doing a right click-->Dword(32bit)
  • Name it [DisableAntiSpyware] !!no brackets!! open it with a double click and set the value to 1
  • http://prntscr.com/bky94c now it should look like this
  • Reboot and it's done!

Way 2.

  • !! This will not work on Win 10 Home or starter!!
  • Open gpedit.msg
  • Administrative Templates->Windows Components->Windows Defender and enable the "Turn off Windows Defender" Option
  • Reboot and it's done!

I hope my small tutor helped you out in whatever situation you might be in.


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18 hours ago, Thurrax said:

Nice Guide, but it is kind of incomplete.

What do you mean by incomplete?

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