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[RELEASE] Tarrius Launcher by Thurrax

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Tarrius Launcher for Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3 (Monolith)
Powered by bigworld12's ZLO API!
  • Battlefield 3 and 4 in one Launcher
  • Switchable Game in Seconds
  • Automatic Serverlist Refresh
  • Ping of Servers
  • Join Singleplayer and Multiplayer (BF4: Test Range)
  • Easy to view Logwindow (and Popup Window Version)
  • Log into file (near Launcher into tarriuslog.txt)
  • Various Server Information like current players or Maprotation
  • Launcher Autoupdate
  • more features soon!
>Launcher does not start
Do you have Zlo.dll near .exe file?
>Launcher gives me error
Launcher requires NetFramework 4.6
>Launcher does not login/i cant see servers
Start Zclient first

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[RELEASE] Version 0.0.1-Alpha

  • Initial release of TarriusMulti (Tarrius for BF3 & BF4)
  • Merge and Rename to Tarrius for both Launchers

[RELEASE] Version 0.0.2-Alpha

  • Updated Zlo.dll reference to new API Version
  • Fixed the Gamestateviewer Button (Launcher were crashing, if you tried to open it)

[RELEASE] Version 0.0.3-Alpha

  • Added Ping to Serverlist + fixed bug with IP Addresses
  • Changed the Gamestateviewerlog Colors and Format
  • Changed Window Name of Launcher to Tarrius Launcher, when ZClient is not connected/present

[RELEASE] Version 0.0.4-Alpha

  • Changed Background Color of BF3 Playerlist
  • Adding second logwindow
  • Adding Logfile next to Launcher

[RELEASE] Version 0.0.5-Alpha

  • Added Blacklist for Servers
  • Changed the Info for Login (Status for ZClient and if you are logged in)
  • Small changes in BF4 Stats Window

[RELEASE] Version 0.0.6-Alpha

  • Removed Blacklist from Launcher (its useless)
  • Changed Window Color from Red to Crimson (looks better tho)
  • Added UAC Request (Aka Start as Admin)
  • Added New Battlefield 4 Stats Window (Please Report Bugs)

[RELEASE] Version 0.0.7-Alpha (Hotfix)

  • Fixed Auto Update
  • Fixed Changelog Link

[RELEASE] Version 0.0.8-Alpha

  • Added following Languages: English, German, Arabic, Spanish, Estonian, Latvian, Portuguese/Brasilian, Romanian, Russian, Serbian
  • Edited the Style of Tarrius. Including Background Images & new Launcher Icon

[RELEASE] Version 0.0.9-Alpha

  • Fixing Blurry Font in Server List
  • Added following Languages: Indonesian
  • Added Multilanguage Support/Preparations for Statisticspage (some languages arent prepared! Language fallback to English for the Languages missing Strings)
  • Added Launcher Title and Username to Statisticswindow
  • Set the Default Values from Statspage to Zero

[RELEASE] Version 0.1.0-BETA

  • Adding Turkish to Languages
  • Adding Favorite List (Mark Server with a Heart in Serverlist and at Launcherstart it will be sorted after favorites for default)

[PLANNED] Version 0.1.1-BETA

  • Bugfixing

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Updated Launcher to Newest Version with reworked Battlefield 4 Statspage.

See Changelog for further Details.

If you are on 0.0.5/0.0.6 and cannot update, delete Tarrius Launcher.exe and Tarrius Updater.exe & redownload from Link.

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47 minutes ago, Thurrax said:

Pushed 0.1.0-BETA

See Changelog for Updates

After the update Launcher does not open.
Error shows

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am i the only one who never sees his bf4 stats window ?

its always empty 


Edited by theRAIN

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1 hour ago, battlelan said:



can you send me a screenshot, from the "View Problem Details"?

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41 minutes ago, battlelan said:




Redownload Launcher, should be fixed now.

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