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  1. *Forum Topic Closed due to User has been banned from Forum*
  2. Redownload Launcher, should be fixed now.
  3. can you send me a screenshot, from the "View Problem Details"?
  4. Pushed 0.1.0-BETA See Changelog for Updates
  5. post your logfile please. mostly the log tells whats wrong.
  6. Ticket server var is always in Percent. 100 = 100%; 120 = Basetickets + 20% more (120%)
  7. Mostly with Procon or manually in the Startup.txt
  8. Open BF4 Server Folder -> Go into Scripts Folder -> Open up Win32Game.cfg with Editor and add this line to the Bottom: -Game.DisablePreRound true Save and restart Server.
  9. Sims 4 Installer Script

    Version 1.0.0


    Place Batch File in Root Directory of Sims 4 (a folder called __Installer should be there) . Start Commandline as Admin & go to the Directory and execute the Batchfile. Let it finish and ZLOrigin should detect it now.
  10. Can you send me the Directx.log File?
  11. Install DX 9.0.c Install DotnetFX 3.5, 4, 4.5 Install all VC Redists for Battlefield Disable AV/Win Defender and Repair Game through Origin and Apply the registry Values from here: BF4 https://www.regfiles.net/registry/battlefield-4-registry
  12. You have Legit Origin Installed? Maybe some glitched Processes in Task Manager? If yes: Close ZClient and all Origin Processes and try again.
  13. Well. Earlier in IT-School i had a friend in class, which already played here and invited me to ZLO. Was Around 2013-2014.
  14. Battlefield 3 is 32 only. Only Battlefield 4 has 32x and 64x executables.
  15. Case Closed, because no further answers were made.

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