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  3. Well, would be nice to write here again if you get an answer from Evenbalance.
  4. Yeah the Batfile has Basegame + DLC Installation Have Fun Playing tho.
  5. Never mind guys ... just used the same .bat file and it worked sorry about the unnecessary fuss
  6. Well thank you very much it worked for BF4 But ummm it seems like the DLCs have the same problem .. is there anything I can do to get it done ? apparently repairing the DLC files doesn't work and when I try to join servers with DLC maps ZLOrigin starts an update for the DLC but it never progresses. well even a torrent would be more than enough but unfortunately can't find any DLC torrents on Zlotracker. Again , thanks for your hardwork guys
  7. lmao its cringy but thats the only thing I can do besides telling you people. I dont expect a reply from evenbalance, I really want my account back because when Im playing from my new account im getting raped......
  8. emailing punkbuster to unban the account of the cracked bf games :troll:
  9. Server for 'MrChaos' ... GLOBAL PunkBuster GUID BAN 5ced3731 -This^ was the message being displayed in the log of tarrius. I have also emailed evenbalance, lets see what happens
  10. Exact Message of the Ban Message would be great and ZLOEmu cant do anything against PB Bans
  11. Hey there, my IG nick is [TG]MrChaos, I have been playing here for more than 3 months and I always enjoy playing. I seem to have a problem now, whenever I try to connect to any (bf4) server it kicks me and Tarrius log shows a message saying something like "Punkbuster ban issued on account_MrChaos G4030(something like that)" I checked PB bans on the website my name wasnt there. I checked my name on zloemu.tk/bans my name wasnt there either. So it makes me concerned that why am I banned?
  12. savage
  13. DirectX error shouldn't be a problem, I once got it and ignore it. Then it works out
  14. I got a directX error upon starting up the bat file and this is what was in my install Install Date: 11/06/2017 14:49:23 Started logging **************************************** 14:49:23 Install DLC Location: D:\BF4\Battlefield 4\ 14:49:23 Install Locale: en_US 14:49:23 Initialized installation config. 14:49:23 CommandLine: pdlcinstall -locale en_US -pdlcInstallPath "D:\BF4\Battlefield 4\" -autologging 14:49:23 EAInstaller version: 14:49:23 Original System Version (10.0.14393) 14:49:23 Launching System Version (6.2) 14:49:23 Touchup running under compatibility mode 14:49:23 OS: Microsoft Windows 8 14:49:23 Data reader initialized. 14:49:23 Data reader config: LOCALE = en_US 14:49:23 Data reader config: PDLC_INSTALL_LOCATION = D:\BF4\Battlefield 4\ 14:49:23 Data reader config: 32BIT = 0 14:49:23 Data reader config: 64BIT = 1 14:49:23 Processing EAIN file 'D:\BF4\Battlefield 4\__Installer\Touchup.dat'. 14:49:24 Game already installed to: D:\BF4\Battlefield 4\BFLauncher_x86.exe 14:49:24 Game has been previously installed. Retrieving installed info. 14:49:24 Game (Battlefield 4™) with locale (en_US) previously installed at D:\BF4\Battlefield 4\ 14:49:24 (Config)Updating locale to: en_US 14:49:24 (Config)Updating install location to: D:\BF4\Battlefield 4\ 14:49:24 (Config)Studio: EA Games 14:49:24 (Config)Game Name: Battlefield 4 14:49:24 (Config)Display Game Name: Battlefield 4™ 14:49:24 (Config)Updating ForceUninstallAllFiles to: 0 14:49:24 (Config)Updating ForceUninstallAllFiles to: 1 14:49:24 Installer finished with exit code: 1 14:49:24 Shutting down data reader. **************************************** 14:49:24 Stopping install logging ****************************************
  15. WHAT? I got bf 4 and i miss 4 dlc and now i didn't have anything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must download again and i got this same error FUCK YOU but game is launch by z client but i cant download last dlc's
  16. Hi I got this error how to fix it? HELP
  17. Hi I got this error how to fix it? HELP
  18. Yeeees, it is workiiiing and my play button isnt lock. Thank youuuu
  19. *Forum Topic Closed due to User has been banned from Forum*
  20. Just wish it didn't have to be permanent. Also one last thing, you my friend were very kind and direct about this issue on zloforums when I turned my self in all I got was this message from the Super moderater GTFO GTFO BOIIIIII GTFO CHEATER so yeah..... clear difference in maturity level anyways i'm gonna go and will check back in about 5 years just to see if im still banned. Who knows maybe I will be forgiven by some random admin in scrolling through the ban list. with that I send my final message ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I got see what the dice camo looks like....its pretty cool worth the ban (Just kidding)
  21. Thank you for responding I am aware, I have turned myself in on the report cheaters section on zloforums and have been perma-banned from the forum, I messed up. I posted a lie about because I was scared, I've never cheated before have no experience in it I trusted someone I shouldn't have and It got me here. It was good though honestly a wonderful community and people here are super kind, I will sadly never get to know them better. I can never take back what I did. Once again thank you for response. and goodbye.........
  22. If you get banned on a specific Server, we are NOT able to help you, except giving you information of the server owners or their websites. If you get banned by ZLO theres almost nothing we can do. The anticheat is not flawless but it does a pretty good Job. And we are not stupid. If you get banned by Punkbuster we also can't do sh*t and we won't! Ban evasion aka multiacc is bannable and in most cases will result in a ban sooner or later. https://zloemu.tk/bans heres a link to see if you got banned https://www.pbbans.com/mbi-latest50-bf3-lfb41.html another link http://nrns-games.com/index.php?topic=44.0 request here if you got banned on nrns and think it was not justified
  23. This ban is justified and will not be lifted.
  24. For those of you who just read that, I lied, I did use a third party software, I used cheat engine to unlock all attachments for my gun. I was dumb to try and lie. I am at the mercy of your ruling and feel free to ban me from the site. I am truly sorry for lying and using a cheat to better myself over others its unfair and unethical. I know you may think it was stupid of me to post that in the first place but I hope you can forgive me for my insolence I truly give my regards and goodbye if i do believe my time is up i will take my leave.
  25. I don't what the Hell just happened. I have pretty much gone into to full panic trying to figure out what happened. Not sure if I said something for was going against a server rule. I was playing on the Panda server on Zavod Graveyard. I was using a igla/stinger and about to take out a chopper. When the screen cut to black and I was in a infinite loading screen so I turned off the game. Then went back on Zlorigin and booted the game back up. This time It said That the connection to EA was lost. Oh the internet must be out so I turned the game off then I noticed my internet was not out. So I check Z client its working just fine so I try rebooting. Now before I go any further regarding the issue occurring in your mind no I am not making a bloody story, no I wasn't using any illegal third party software to "Hack". Anyways back to the story. I restarted ZLorigin and rebooted Bf4 same problem. So I close out of everything and restart my computer. When I booted Zclient It wouldn't connect but on the 3rd try it sayed Connected.....you are banned.....Disconnected. Now If I did something wrong or if there is a list of rules you can refer me to that would be great I don't what I should do as I am not very informed on what I did. Also once again I spent 3 days going from error to error through sweat blood and tears to get Bf4 for free I would not throw that all away to cheat. So please don't be snarky or a smartass posting well you shouldn't have cheated. If I am going to be banned I want a legitimate reason for it. I know that it could be something with PunkBuster but I don't wanna mess with it out of fear of doing something that, Would ,get me banned for cheating. Thank you and please get back to me as soon as possible, Zachary Brock, Soldier/Ingame name : ZacharyBrock(Yeah I know its my own name O-o btw the things in here are not part of the user) email: Will give it if specifically asked to
  26. Redownload Launcher, should be fixed now.
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